How to Wipe and Reset a EqualLogic SAN

EqualLogic SANSometimes you will need to do a wipe of a storage solution, maybe you’re selling it, just taking it down and do not have any plans for it or something third. No matter the reason, if it is a EqualLogic SAN there is no built-in way of doing it for the users – and then again…!

To do a total wipe and factory reset of a EqualLogic SAN there is a simple two-step process to follow. It does not take that much to do, frighteningly enough, but it will take quite a few hours to finish, so find a big pot of coffee or something else to do in the meantime.

First Step – Wipe the Disks

Normally the Tech-Support commands are not allowed for customers to run, but we will make an exception and hope Dell Support will not come after me for revealing this.

Please do not run any other commands while in the tech support bash as you may permanently damage your array, according to Dell Support.

Caution: Once this command is run, ALL former meta-data on the disks will be completely overwritten!
(It will take 3-4 hours to complete.)

To completely wipe all data with no chance of restoring it:

  1. Login to the array as “grpadmin”.
  2. Type “su ex sh” and press enter. This will take you to the tech-support commands which are restricted to Tech Support personnel.
  3. Type “diskzero” and press enter.
  4. The array will ask you to confirm with “Y” or “N”. Confirm by typing “Y” and hitting enter.


Second Step – Reset to Factory Defaults

If an array is a member of a multi-member group, it is highly recommended that you remove the member from the group, which automatically runs the reset command. This will move any volume data residing on the array to the remaining group members if possible.

Caution: This command eliminates ALL group, member, and volume configuration information and volume data on the array. The array will not be able to connect to a group until you add it to the group.

If the array is the only remaining member of a group, run the reset command. (You cannot remove the last member of a group.)

  1. Login to the array as “grpadmin”.
  2. Type “reset” and press enter.
  3. Type “DeleteAllMyDataNow” and press enter

After confirming that you want to reset the array, all network connections are closed.

One thought on “How to Wipe and Reset a EqualLogic SAN

  1. FYI: When you run ‘reset’, it automatically runs diskzero for you. I also suggest that when getting rid of an old Equallogic array, after reset, run setup again and setup of the RAID again, using a RAID level with no spare option. I.e. GrpName>mem sel raid-type raid50-nospares. Let build complete. Then run reset again.. This will prevent recovery from a previous reset array when it had your data on it.


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